Poppin’ fresh?


I adore the rare weekends my husband has days off, so I try to make the most of them.

We kicked off last weekend with dinner out on Friday. We split the bang bang shrimp appetizer, and I enjoyed a raspberry martini and a filet mignon.

We talked and laughed and talked some more, deciding to go see “Saving Mr. Banks” at the local movie theater the next afternoon.

But an hour after I awoke Saturday, I was so overcome with fatigue that I went back to bed, sleeping for 3 more hours.

When I woke up all muzzy-headed, I got up. And then immediately went back to bed.

For 2 more hours.

Clearly, I was coming down with a cold or something.

But I didn’t want to disappoint Husband by missing the movie. So we went. And I’m glad we did, because it was awesome.

Husband even stayed awake the whole time — the equivalent of a 5-star rating from him.

Afterward, we decided to rewatch “Mary Poppins.” Neither of us had seen it in many, many years.

We found a version you could watch online for free, hooked it up to run through the TV and settled back to watch.

Within 10 minutes, Husband was asleep, snoring gently on the couch. Yes, it was that boring.

"Mary Poppins" turned H into "Sleeping Beauty"

“Mary Poppins” turned H into “Sleeping Beauty”

But I decided to stick it out, thinking it surely would get better. After all, I remember enjoying it as a child. But, sadly, it doesn’t withstand the test of time.

Sure, it had pretty advanced special effects for its day.

But the plot seemed to revolve largely around giving Dick Van Dyke multiple opportunities to sing corny songs and dance, interspersed with corny jokes and cornier dialogue.

So I turned it off and went back to bed. Again.

My advice? Enjoy “Saving Mr. Banks.”

But whatever you do, don’t revisit “Mary Poppins” — leave it cozily ensconced among your fond, hazy childhood memories.

What about you? Have you ever muscled through an illness to do an activity so you don’t disappoint a loved one?

If so, what was it and how did it turn out?


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